The Chesterfield Environmental Commission would like to add pictures of the wildlife in Chesterfield Township to this page.  If you have any pictures of birds, animals, trees, plants etc. taken in Chesterfield Township that you would like to contribute, please email them to the webmaster here Thank you!  

Pictures submitted by our readers. 

Monarch Butterfly in Backyard.  Picture from Syed Abubacker
Visitors at the Door on July 4, 2017.  Pictures from Regina Colonna
Dragonfly at Fenton Lane Park on July 4, 2017.  Pictures from Regina Colonna
Wildflowers along White Pine Road.  Pictures from David Addis
White Pine Rd. and Rte 545. There were 27 turkey and 4 deer.  Pictures from David Addis
Pictures sent from Guillermina Gonjon
Fall 2014 - The View Looking Southwest on Settlers Street.  Sent in by Linda Soper.

Autumn Sunrise - looking east on Recklesstown Way sent in by Linda Soper
Small Frog sent in by Linda Soper

Geese sent in by Margaret Brittain

Geese in the Winter sent in by Linda Soper

Panorama of some flowers in Chesterfield sent in by Kaitlyn Strope

Morning Mist sent in by Linda Soper

Preying Mantis sent in by Linda Soper


Cedar Waxwings and Bluebird sent in by Nancy S.

Woodchuck and babies sent in by Nancy S.


Coyote Pictures sent in by Lorrie Thier.  Pictures were taken on Route 528 across from the Holy Cross Church.

Egyptian geese at pond on Recklesstown Way.  Sent in by Kathy Herity

From Brent Dickinson:  Here are a  few pictures (with my phone's camera on full zoom) of a pair of Bald Eagles I spotted while driving down Old York Rd. One was inspecting and eating a carcass in the field while the other watched from a tree on the treeline. The field is the old Wilkinson farm, specifically the area to the right of the farm lane when looking towards the new school.