County of Burlington  

300 Bordentown-Chesterfield Road     Chesterfield, New Jersey 08515 

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RE:     Off-Site Conditions Disclosure 

          The following is the most recent list of Known Contaminated Sites as required under the New Residential Off-Site Conditions Disclosure Act.  The information below is listed in the Known Contaminated Sites in NJ Report 2005 Edition.  More information on any of these sites can be found at the following NJDEP website


1.       120 Georgetown Road 

2.       202 Bordentown-Chesterfield Road            

3.       218 Bordentown-Georgetown Road 

4.       Katona Farms

          355 Ellisdale Road 

5.       Maintenance District 3

          New Jersey Turnpike 

6.       Paloma Farms

          31 Fenton Lane                                                                  

Bonnie Haines, Township Clerk