Chesterfield Township
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The delivery of the new paper recycling carts is complete.  All residents should begin using the paper carts for curbside recycling of paper and cardboard.  Please follow the instructions that were delivered with the cart or instructions are available here.  Please note:  All recycling must be out by 6am.
 If you have not received a paper cart, please contact the Township Clerk’s office at 298-2311.


Place them in your recycling container bucket, mixed in with your bottles and cans.  (Not with your paper recyclables.)
What is a Carton?
Shelf stable cartons such as juice and juice boxes, milk, soy milk, soup and broth, and wine.
Refrigerated cartons such as milk, orange juice and lemonade, half & half, cream and egg substitutes.

On January 1, 2011, televisions and computers, including laptops are banned from all landfills and incinerators in New Jersey. 

Electronic Recycling Dropoff (Computers and TVs):  Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex, Rt. 543, Florence, NJ  (609) 499-5300.
Dropoff is open:  Monday thru Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm.  Saturdays:  7:30am to 1:30pm.  See Flyer.

A free recycling program operated by Burlington County is in force within the Township on a bi-weekly basis.  Clean, unbroken glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans, and #1 and #2 plastic containers are recyclable items and can be commingled in the same recycling bucket/container.  Containers are available at the Municipal Building.  The first container is free and additional containers can be purchased for $7 - $16 depending on size.  Newspapers, magazines, office and school paper and clean gray-colored cardboard boxes can be placed in the blue paper cart. All recyclables must be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on pick-up day. 
Motor oil can be disposed of behind the Municipal Building, in the public works parking lot in the tank specifically marked for that purpose only.

Please note:  The motor oil recycling tank at the Township will be closed until further notice because of contaminants that were found in the oil.  It is going to cost the Township $4,300 for the cleanup.  We are unsure at this time if we will continue to provide this service to the residents.  Motor oil can be taken to the County Hazardous Waste Facility or to a gas station that changes oil.  Please do not leave your containers.  Dispose of them properly.

For Chesterfield Township Residents only, tree branches, leaves, grass clippings and Christmas trees can be disposed of in clearly marked areas at the Municipal complex between the Municipal Building and the Recreation facilities.  Please - No Contractors or Businesses.

Recycling is the Law.  Residents, tenants, landlords, businesses and schools MUST recycle.
Recycling Dates can be found on the Township Calendar Page and on the front page.   

Recycling has been declining statewide but in Burlington County our residential recycling numbers continue to rise!  With residents help, we can do more to meet our goal of 50% recycling rate.

Who to call for help:
Recycling Collection Questions:  (609)267-6889

Household Hazardous Waste Information:  (609)499-5200

County Landfill Information:  (609)499-5300 or

Recycling Buckets:  Caryn (609)298-2311

General Recycle Questions: (609)499-1001 or

Curbside Recycling & Collection Misses - Call (609)267-6889 or Email 


Recycling Schedule (pdf)

Chesterfield Twp. will be going to Single Stream Recycling (paper and glass/cans all in one container) in Early Fall 2014.  If you need more information, click here.  If you haven't already ordered an extra container and need one, call 609 499-1001 or email at  Please be advised that extra containers must be ordered by June 30,2014. 

What Can and Can't Be Recycled and Blue Cart Information (pdf)

For More Recycling and Special Program Information, visit the Burlington County Recycling Website here.

Give junk mail a second chance - RECYCLE IT!

Additional Websites:

New Jersey Dept of Environmental Protection